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Larnique Seals

First Lady

Lady Larnique Seals is an energetic, life-loving “Woman of God” who loves encouraging others to fulfill their potential in Christ. She firmly believes God’s Word in Jeremiah 29:11, “I know the plans that I have for you… ” For God has your life planned out...You just have to ask God to lead and guide you into your destiny.


Lady Larnique is known for sharing the principles of God’s Word in a life practical application manner. She tells-it-like-it-is, but does so with grace, integrity, and love. Lady Lady hails from West Palm Beach, Florida by way of the world via her military career. She is married to Bishop Tyrone Seals of Las Vegas, Nevada (19 years) and is the proud mother to four adorable children:  Christian (Adult Son), Donavan (Adult Son), Asia (Teen Daughter) and Skylor (Teen Son). 


Not only is she serve in the church community, additionally she is a retired Air Force Veteran with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Political Science who has served her country 24 years. Lady Larnique is a true professional, business owner, a Funeral Director, Blackbelt Six Sigma Instructor, a known leader who has taught and mentored thousands all over the world. One of her favorite things to do is to spend time with her children and giving back to her community. 


As she walk in God’s authority, wisdom, grace, and favor, her inspirational quote is “…All things are possible to him that believeth.” (Mark 9:23)


Pastor Mike Phillips was born in Indianapolis,Indiana. He came to Vegas at a young age attending second Baptist Church with his grandmother from the age of five. His mother gave her life to the Lord when he begin to attend church with her at Pentecostal Temple Church of God in Christ under the leadership of Bishop and Ian Webb. Since 2000 , he has been under the leadership of Bishop Tyrone L Seals. In 2003, he was ordained as a minister of the gospel. He later became the youth pastor at New Birth Baptist Assembly. He also assisted other ministries. Now he is one of the Pastors of New Birth.

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Pledge of Commitment

New Birth's Pledge of Commitment was adopted in January 1, 2012. It exemplifies the qualities of a New Birth Baptist Assembly Church member.

As members of New Birth Baptist Assembly Church we pledge ourselves:

To the faith that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, revealed in history, disclosed in the Scripture, and experienced in human life;
To be faithful to the public worship of God, gathering with the family of the church to celebrate His glory and remember His grace;
To take seriously the responsibility and privilege of personal Christian growth, diligently seeking to establish and maintain a Christian atmosphere in our homes;
To be faithful stewards, as God has prospered us, contributing our financial support for the church and its ministries, and by offering ourselves for God's work in the world;
To so live our lives that others, seeing the joy of Christian living, may seek to know Jesus Christ our Lord;
And to be a servant in a servant church, recognizing the infinite worth of every person and believing that Christ has called us to be His ministers in our world.



Welcome to New Birth; Where We Love God and We Love People. We invite you to be our special guest (s).
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